Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do You Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life?

Principal #1 in Jack Canfield's "The Success Principals" is:


I've discovered that this is easier said than done.

I was just reading the weekly mentorship message in the Facebook Group, :The Success Principals, A Mentorship Group." ( This weeks message from Jack starts with taking personal responsibility for everything in your life.

One method he mentions o help you get going in that direction, id "acting as if." If you don't yet believe that you are 100% responsible for your life and everything in it, Jack suggests that you can start by "acting as if" you are.

I invite you to join our mentorship group and get more info.

Gregory Collins
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 Marketing Lessons Learned From Geese

By Alex Mandossian

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from geese. The next time you see geese fly overhead, take a closer look at “how” they fly and you’ll discover “why” they can fly farther, faster and with less effort.

Got 2 minutes, 17 seconds to spare right now? Grab your mouse, click on the picture below and watch this clever video.

As each goose flaps its wings it creates an uplift for the other geese that follow. By flying in a “V” formation the whole flock adds 71 percet of extra flying range.

Lesson #1: Entrepreneurs who build reliable teams, “vendor networks” and strategic alliances accelerate the growth of their businesses faster, better and with less effort.

When a goose falls out of formation it feels the drag and resistance of flying alone. Every goose quickly moves back into “V” formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the other geese in front.

Lesson #2: Entrepreneurs who willingly accept feedback from their target market accelerate the growth of their business faster, better and with less effort.

When the lead goose tires, it drops back into the formation and another goose flies to the point position. The geese flying in formation honk to encourage those up front to keep up with their speed.

Lesson #3: Entrepreneurs who “honk” at their team members and vendors with encouragement accelerate their personal productivity and business growth faster, better and with less effort.

When a goose gets sick, two geese drop out of formation and follow it down to assist and protect it. Entrepreneurs who protect their their teams can grow their businesses even during economic downswings.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

How to Protect and Speed-Up Your PC

Copyright (C) Gregory D. Collins

If you have a Mac, you need read no further. Your built-in firewall actually works and you are not plagued with viruses and spyware. No, this article is for those still using a PC for at least part of their work. (Grin)

Here are the four programs that I run on all of my PC. They are listed in the order that I install them.

Each is selected because it is the best of its kind. All of these programs happen to be free, but that is not why I selected them. I have actually purchased licenses for the upgraded versions for the first three programs and wound up uninstalling ang going back to the free versions. The main reason is the free versions are stripped down no-frill versions that have all the memory-hogging, CPU-dragging features removed. The free versions get their respective jobs done without slowing everything down.

This last program, EasyCleaner desirves some special attention. Have you ever noticed that your PC seems to run slower and slower the longer you have it? Well this little gem will help speed it up and get it running smooth again,

It is a small program which searches Windows' registry for entries that are pointing to files that no longer exist. These are usually registry entries that are left over from applications you have uninstalled but the uninstaller did not remove them. Deleting these entries will speed up your computer up by up to 20% and also help it run more reliably! I have seen random "flakeyness" disappear after running EasyCleaner.

As you already might know, deleting entries from registry can be dangerous for your computer, so it is wise to make a backup of your registry. On my computer, deleting entries which were pointing nowhere, sped up my computer enough that it was noticeable--your millage may vary.

I also use EasyCleaner to find out which directories are using the most space on my hard disk. This is useful when I am trying to free up more disk space.

I run EasyCleaner every few months or whenever my system starts to slow down or run out of room.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why Are You Becoming More and More Successful?


Watch The Secret an find out now...


How To Avoid Making Money in Three Easy Steps

Copyright (C) Gregory D. Collins

There is no cost to join PayItForward4Profits. This is a free franchise system.

Your franchise comes with many benefits:
  • Free Success Guide training
  • Free Audio Training
  • Free Video Training
  • Free Mentoring Calls
  • Free Product Selection
  • Free Support Forum
After taking advantage of all this free training, you still need to open your store.

Like any franchise, you need to buy products to sell to your customers. The Franchise helps you select the combination of products that will work best in your store.

If you do not want to make any money, the solution is simple:
  1. Ignore all of the free training and support
  2. Don't offer your customers any products
  3. Don't do any advertising

Just continue on doing what you have been doing and you will continue getting the same results.

If you should change you mind in the future and decide you DO want to start making money, we will be here for you.

This is the place.

This is the time.

Act now.

"If you leave money on the table, someone else will be glad to take it."

Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's Wrong With My Math?

Copyright (C) Gregory D. Collins

I just read a forum posting from someone who said, "It would be nice to make $10,000/month, but I know that it could take 3 - 5 years to get there. Shoot for a smaller goal..."

How about a bigger goal...

...I thought to myself? With what I know so far about PayItForward4Profits, what would it take to out do Paul and Joel put together? That's a big question, but they have told us that, " We all have the same opportunity." Right?

Well first I checked the leader board and found that Paul has 1,000 - 1,999 members and Joel has 500 - 999. Let's take the top of the range for both (1,999 and 999) and round them up to an even 3,000 members. Are you with me so far?

We also know...

...that shares in the co-op advertising program run $25 each and that each share produces an average of 5 new members. So I asked myself, with just using the advertising co-op how many shares would be needed to generate 3,000 new members? So let's see. 3,000 divided by 5 is 600 shares needed to produce 3,000 new members. A $25 per share those 600 shares would cost $15,000.

Wow! That's a lot... might think to yourself, but I am wondering what those type of numbers might be worth in monthly income.
I've heard Joel say on training calls that he has talked with other top leaders and that each new member is worth about $10 per month with a range of between $5 and $15. If we use the lower, most conservative number of $5 per month, these 3,000 new members would be worth $15,000 a month. Did you hear me? $15,000 a month. How much is that in a year you might ask? Well, $15,000 x 12 months is a whopping $180,000 a year!

That's a good start...

...I thought to myself, but why stop there? With a portion of that plowed back into advertising I could hep even more people! "Lead by example", I told myself.

What is my intention, you might ask?

Go For It!

I'll race you to the top!

Gregory Collins


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Phromthep, Welcome and Congratulations on Joining our PayItForward4Profits Team!

Hi Phromthep,

Gregory Collins here, and as your sponsor I'd like to welcome you to our Pay-It-Forward-4-Profits team. We are glad that you have decided to join us in this very exciting and profitable adventure. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Welcoming you reminds me of when I first joined. I signed up for everything right away, and then I realized that I could make even more money by upgrading in each program, so I upgraded everything. Once I was all setup I started some of the free advertising, and then bought some shares in the advertising co-op. (The co-op has been the best money I've spent on advertising so far and has brought in a lot of top quality team members.) I can show you how to do the same. The results have been very satisfying.

I am available to give you the help that you need to succeed with this great program.

My personal email is and the direct line to my home office is 650-557-0011. You can also call me on Skype:gregorycollins. I look forward to hearing from you.

So many people are excited about Pay-It-Forward-4-Profits and they don't know where to start.

Well, these are the 3 steps you MUST complete in order to get the most out of the PIF4P system.

STEP 1: QUICK START CALL AND GUIDE. Read it thoroughly - don't just skim this part ... follow each step. They are there for a reason. Make note of any steps you omit.

  • Get on the Quick Start calls.
  • Contact me if you have any questions. (My personal contact information is listed below.)

STEP 2: FAST START TRAFFIC SCHOOL This Fast Start Traffic School will provide the first few steps to get you visitors to your websites.

STEP 3: ADVANCED INTERNET MARKETING SUCCESS GUIDE Do not get hung-up on things you don't understand .. complete those steps that you DO understand. Once you complete those steps you can easily master, you will add the other steps as you have time. They are all important but you must not get stuck learning ... you need to get your site out there!

That's it ... that's all you need to do to get started ... FOCUS is key. Do not allow yourself to get stuck learning. Do those tasks you can Do and make note of the ones to come back to later.

There are many more ways to advertise than listed either in the Success Guide or our Team Advantage Blog. The key is learning the basics and getting traffic to your PIF4P website right away.

Feed the pipeline ... PIF4P is your pipeline and as you feed it, as people join you in PIF4P, a percentage will take action. When you add your personal followup and your personal touch to the mix you see those percentages increase.

Is it a lot of work ... ABSOLUTELY!

Is it hard ... NO!

Anyone who can read and follow directions ... AND PAY ATTENTION ... can succeed here.

You can succeed! Let's work together.

Have a great day!

Gregory Collins

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